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SHERP's off-road capabilities and features put it in a league of its own

Some off-road vehicles get stuck in the mud, others fail to scale a boulder or fallen tree, and still others recoil in the face of water.

SHERP, however, is a whole different animal: whether you are traversing rough terrain, braving deep swamps, or venturing into the unknown, SHERP gets the job done with unmatched off-road performance and ruggedness.

If you are looking for a professional-grade all-terrain machine that's up to any task i a slew of industries (energy infrastructure, recreation, defense, search and rescue, firefighting, minerals development, construction, forestry, agriculture, and more), then SHERP is the vehicle for you. 

Check Out what sherp can do

Drive on any terrain

Stone fields, snow, ice, sand, swamps, water, and more

From water onto ice in a snap

SHERP's water-to-ice capability is unmatched

Great buoyancy

Each wheel is 800 liters in volume and the body frame is leakproof

1-ton payload

Even when fully loaded, SHERP can still swim

Kubota engine

Tested in the most difficult conditions and at full loads, the 4-cylinder turbo-diesel V-1505t Kubota engine has 1.5 liters in capacity and packs 44 horses.

After years of r&D, we've made sherp head and shoulders above the rest

Herculean fuel efficiency and capacity

  • 2-3 liters/hour 

  • Four 56-liter extra fuel tanks = 288 liters of capacity.

  • SHERP can get you almost anywhere and back in Norway before having to refuel. 

Independent Webasto heater

  • Quickly and efficiently heats SHERP up.

Drive at steep inclinations

  • Reliable fuel feed at any angle. 

Climb up to 35 degrees

  • Field tests show that SHERP can climb even steeper slopes, but 35 degrees is the guaranteed indicator.

Ultra-low pressure tires

  • Tires quickly inflate and deflate to provide the needed pressure for any driving conditions.

Scale almost any obstacle

  • Up to 1 meter high.

  • Boulders, fallen trees, and more are no match.

Skid plate

  • Steel and zinc-coated skid plate allows for trouble-free passage, improving off-road performance and speed. 

Air circulation suspension

  • Patented solution ensures a smooth drive on any surface.

  • Suspension design does not include any springs, shock absorbers, struts, or other conventional elements

  • Fewer parts, higher reliability, fewer breakdowns, and lower repair costs. 

Load frame

  • Design based on galvanized, corrosion-resistant load frame that provides even more reliability and extended service life. 

SHERP: Always striving for the best

Drainage valves

Even if water gets into the interior, quickly discharge it

Ceiling baggage compartment

0.17 cubic meters of storage space

Sleeping space

Rear interior can be turned into a sleeping area

Unique tires

Exhaust gas used for quick, reliable inflation

Rear-view camera

Increases mobility and safety

Skid steering

Enables SHERP to turn on a dime, just like a tank