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Can I register SHERP ATV in Norway?

You don't need to register SHERP ATV, as it is not meant nor recommended for use on public roads; however, if you wish, SHERP ATV may be registered in Norway as a special purpose wheeled tractor (categories T4.1 and T4.2). Please see the following for more detailed information.

What costs are included in the price for SHERP ATV?

SHERP Norway uses Delivery At Place (DAP) (INCOTERMS 2010) terms and conditions for deliveries and thus covers import customs clearance, duties, taxes, and loading/unloading costss.

Do I need to insure my SHERP ATV?

Yes, you will need to obtain insurance for your SHERP ATV.

Why do I see difference prices for SHERP ATV in difference countries?

Since different countries have difference policies on taxes, customs and import duties, and registration fees, as well as varying standards and costs of living, these all factor into the price for SHERP ATV in each respective country. Also keep in mind that out-of-date, third-party sources often state prices that are inaccurate, no longer relevant, and do not make important stipulations (such as varying prices in different counties).

Where and how can I operate SHERP ATV in Norway?

The Motor Traffic on Uncultivated Land and in Watercourses Act and the Regulations relating to the use of motor vehicles on uncultivated land and in ice-covered watercourses provide guidance on where and how SHERP ATV can be used. In short, the ACt allows for operating SHERP ATV in a wide range of areas, including search and rescue; law-enforcement; postal and telecommunications services; passenger and goods transport to and from dwellings; agriculture; forestry; reindeer husbandry; defense; construction; tourism operations; scientific expeditions and investigations; construction and preparation of ski trails and slopes; and more. Special permits may also be granted by individual municipalities on a case-by-case basis for use of SHERP ATV in an area that is otherwise not permitted by the Act. The Act does not restrict the use of SHERP ATV on private property.

What is SHERP ATV used for?

SHERP ATV's versatility, efficiency, ruggedness, and low cost of ownership make it a superior alternative to bulkier, heavier, and costlier equipment in a number of industries, including agriculture, infrastructure development, construction, firefighting, search and rescue, defense, mining, forestry, and more.

Can SHERP ATV be customized the way I want it?

We can customize for a swatch of difference applications. As you can see here from the numerous types of customized SHERP ATVs around the world, there is no limit to how you can make SHERP ATV ft your personal needs.

How do I order parts and how fast do they come?

Just write us with what you need and we will get it shipped to you as quickly as possible.

How do I get maintenance and service for my SHERP ATV?

We provide SHERP ATV service at our dealership in Baerums Verk and will train you how to regularly maintain your SHERP ATV and perform minor repairs that do not require making the trip to our dealership.

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